Rig Vacuum


Rig Vacuum

Equipment specifications
MSS-CV-MP45-30B-1 Portable Skid Mounted Drilling Rig Vacuum System blower is configured to deliver 494 cfm of nominal air volume displacement. Under vacuum conditions it will pull 255 cfm @ 30% or 9″ HG,



The electrical package shall include a 40 hp, 3,400 RPM, 480v/60Hz, 45 amp motor, manufactured by U.S. Motors®. Voltage 480V/60HZ. The electrical control package includes an Akron CXJ Series control panel. The control panel and all electrical components are designed and rated for use in Class 1, Div. 2, C, & D hazardous environments. The electrical panel contains Schneider Electric Square D components. Wiring shall be Hawke Type P Marine Shipboard Cable and Hawke 780 Cable Glands or equal. The electrical service includes a Hubbell hazardous location unfused mechanical interlocked plug and switch connection for superior safety. Electrical service requirement shall be a 60-100 ampere plug (60 amp min.)

Control features shall include a three position selector switch, allowing STOP, 2 or 30 minute operation. Independent LED Indicator lights include motor run, and tank full, by-pass, and phase failure indicators. System includes polarity sensing with automatic correction. Level float switch functions without mechanically operated devices.

Tank Capacity
Storage tank & piping shall include a 30 barrel capacity cone bottom with 25” rear entry man way. Piping – 4” schedule 40 A106 grade B pipe. Pressure relief valve set at 15 psi @386 cfm

Inlet/outlet connections
3” inlet: (4) each (fittings provided to convert to 2” as required)
4” outlet: (2) each (fittings provided to convert to 3” as required)
Drive: Woods 3V750/04 banded 4 groove wedge belt and sheave.
Skid: Oilfield type skid with load hitch designed for movement on location using winch truck.
Dimensions: 77.9” wide, 144’’ long, and 107.88” height
Weight: Approximately 6,500 lbs. empty (Note: skid is not designed to be lifted full)