Portable Rig Vac System

Portable Rig Vac System

The Marcellus Service & Supply explosion proof rig vacuum system consists of a 30 barrel capacity cone bottom tank and a vacuum blower mounted on an oilfield skid and fluid containment tray.  The oilfield skid includes pull bars and forklift pockets and can be moved with a fork lift or a crane. Each vacuum system includes suction and discharge manifolds configured with a variety of 2 inch, 3 inch, and 4 inch valves. This combination provides the operator with the flexibility to use a variety of hose sizes at any given time. The system can collect and discharge water and mud to distances in excess of 200 feet.


Explosion Proof Design
The electrical system design is what really makes this system stand above the rest. First of all 100% of the components are of a Class I, Divisions 1 & 2, Groups C & D explosion proof design. The MSS vacuum system explosion proof design provides the flexibility to safely place this skid anywhere on the drilling pad. Whether placed in a hazardous location intentionally or unintentionally, you will have comfort knowing that your rig hands are not exposed to an unsafe condition.

Plug and Play Electronics
Improper motor rotation, electrical polarity, and phase control issues will delay equipment setup and increase overall drilling costs. The MSS Rig Vacuum electrical panel includes “smart technology” that recognizes irregularities with motor rotation and makes a correction automatically. The days of bumping motors to check rotation and making wiring changes are gone.

Better Suction Gets the Job Done
The equipment operator places a high priority on the capture velocity at the terminal end of the hose. No need to cut corners here. The Marcellus Service & Supply Rig vacuum has one of the largest capacity blowers in the business. 

Unlike competitors that make misleading claims regarding CFM capacities we keep it simple. The traditional vacuum pump design packages utilize 15-25 HP motors running 1100-2500 RPM’s. Our design utilizes a 40 HP motor and operates at 3,600 RPM’s.

What does better suction mean to the operator? More suction and longer hose runs. More suction gets the job done faster. Longer hose runs eliminates frequent repositioning of the vacuum system closer to the work area.

Panel Control Features
The operator control panel includes a three position selector switch, allowing STOP, 2 or 30 minute operation. Independent LED Indicator lights include motor run, and tank full, by-pass, and phase failure indicators. The system includes polarity sensing with automatic correction.  Level float switch functions without mechanically operated devices.

Environmentally Friendly Design
We have all seen those traditional vacuum systems that leak oil onto the drilling pad. Not only is this detrimental to the environment but it creates an unsafe working condition. The MS&S Rig Vacuum utilizes a closed loop lubrication system. Oil leakage on drill sites no longer needs to be tolerated.


Cold Weather Operation
Each MSS Rig Vacuum System can be outfitted with an optional heater package to prevent freezing during those cold winter. The oilfield skid comes standard with a heavy duty structural steel frame. This framing system permits the installation of a tarp panel cover made from the highest quality vinyl available. The electrical control panel includes provisions for connection of an explosion-proof electric air heater for Class I, Divisions 1 & 2, Groups C & D hazardous locations.

Suction and discharge manifolds as well as drain piping are all designed for gravity flow eliminating low spots and dead zones where freezing issues can occur.

Reduced Maintenance Costs
The MSS blower design eliminates moving parts common to traditional vane and piston ring pumps. This eliminates equipment down time, labor costs, and material costs associated with replacing vanes and piston rings. Furthermore, the closed loop system eliminated the cost associated with weekly oil reservoir replenishment.