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Screen Services

Marcellus Service & Supply is an independent regional stocking distributor of shale shaker screens that fit all major brand shakers. Our warehouse distribution centers are strategically located to support drilling operations in the PA, OH, WV, and NY area. Our warehouse facilities are accessible on a 24/7/360 hour basis. Our operations are structured to enable us to in critical situations deliver to most drill site locations within two hours when requested.


We are a stocking distributor of OEM screens, and quality, interchangeable, replacement screens for all the major shaker equipment manufacturers and third party screen manufacturers.

Replacement Shale Shaker Screens
Some of the common shale shaker screen brands that we provide replacements for are as follows:

Fluid Systems, Inc.®
Fluid Systems 2L, 20L, 50, 500, 5000, 6000, and Black Thunder Series

NOV Brandt ®
NOV Brandt Cobra™, NOV Brandt Venom™, Brandt VSM300™, National 285P™

MI Swaco ®
Swaco Meerkat™ & Swaco Mongoose™

Derrick ®
Derrick Flo-Line Cleaner™ Series 500, 503, 504, 512, 513, 514 brand shale shakers

And Others
Kem-Tron™, O’Drill-MCM™, DFTS, Triton™, Vortex Fluid Systems™, and many custom varieties.

  • Screens Compliant For Testing and Labeling in Accordance to American Petroleum Institute (API) API RP 13C
    API RP 13C is the industry recognized testing and labeling procedure for shakers screens. To be API RP 13C compliant a screen must be tested and labeled in accordance to the recommended procedures. Marcellus Service & Supply understands the importance of following these industry recognized standards and distributes products only from manufacturers that are in full compliance with these standards.

Fluid Systems OEM & Replacement Shale Shaker Screens Performance Parameters

Fluid Systems FMR Series - Rectangular Weave
FSI Part No.API No. FSI Mesh No. FSI D100 µFSI ConductanceD100 µ
FMR 40API 354066811.21>390.0 to 462.5
FMR 50API 35505148.77>275.0 to 327.5
FMR 60API 40604187.24>231.0 to 275.0
FMR70API 50703516.92>196.0 to 231.0
FMR 084API 60842724.71>231.0 to 275.0
FMR 110API 701102023.55>196.0 to 231.0
FMR 140API 801401692.78>165.0 to 196.0
FMR 150API 1001501642.47>137.5 to 165.0
FMR 175API 1201751362.16>116.5 to 137.5
FMR 210API 1402101141.85>98.0 to 116.5
FMR 230API 170230861.68>82.5 to 98.0
FMR 250API 200250821.57>69.0 to 82.5
FMR 270API 230270691.25>58.0 to 69.0
Fluid Systems FMD Series - Square Weave
FSI Part No.API No. FSI Mesh No. FSI D100 µFSI ConductanceD100 µ
FMD 38API 35385188.801>462.5 to 550.0
FMD 50API 45503767.09>327.5 to 390.0
FMD 60API 50603195.99>275.0 to 327.5
FMD70API 60702614.88>231.0 to 275.0
FMD 084API 70842213.78>196.0 to 231.0
FMD 110API 1001101633.11>137.5 to 165.0
FMD 140API 1201401372.45>116.5 to 137.5
FMD 175API 1401751161.94>98.0 to 116.5
FMD 210API 170210971.7>82.5 to 98.0
FMD 230API 170230871.53>82.5 to 98.0
FMD 250API 200250821.36>69.0 to 82.5
FMD 270API 200270741.1>58.0 to 69.0